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    UX/UI Strategy
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How to Name a Pet: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

Nammal is an app that allows users that are taking on the obligation of owning a new pet the opportunity of finding a proper name. And so we begin…

Step 1: Give it some good UI love

This specific app called for cuteness in the nth degree. Before this project even began I already was imagining the functionality and how we should include a variety of animated features that were adorable and could still appeal to every gender. So to save that long story for a short one, I designed this a bit backward and focused more on a motion design before a static.

Step 2: We all need a little inspiration; what better than cute interweb vibes

In my discovery stage I decided to focus on a variety of warm and welcoming items.
1. Very relaxing font face
2. Flat design artwork structure to make the app simple within the animated selection process
3. Understanding a design that kept the swipe left/right sequence yet having it’s own style

Step 3: Just as powerful, from big to small

My goal for this design when identifying the concept was to keep things as simple as possible. I wanted to make this “SOOO user friendly” that a child could use it… oh wait, that was the request from the client 😉
The design was primarily based off an “as less as we can go on screens” concept which pushed my UX efforts in simplifying the application while flexing the user social media marketing possibilities.

Step 4: Entice them with a treat

The launch efforts for this project were to specifically drive from the website. The design here was simple and based off of a questionnaire that collected the information from the user which then pushed to a download app.

Visual Language.