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Gettin’ in shape by reshapin’ a digital marketing platform

Located in the heart of Midtown Sacramento, NorCal Healthworks has been operating and kickin’ the community into shape since 2003. The owner AJ Sanchez and his staff have helped teach and train so many people in the art of discipline and healthy lifestyle habits. This particular client has been a favorite due to the welcoming nature of the staff and freedom to creativity within design and production.

Those ropes aren’t going to swing themselves

This particular video project was inspired primarily from the atmosphere of the facility. When you walk into this establishment you get the feeling that this is a place for hardcore weight pushers – however, on any given day you will find the most friendly community of gym goers that range in all shapes and ages. The one thing that shined the most in this gym was not just the inspirational quotes all over the walls, but the drive and passion for fitness and community involvement.

Pushing those extra reps on the site

For this particular design we decided to embrace a simple design that reflected both a unique style and bold tone. In the discovery process I had the opportunity to meet up with other local gyms and facilities to identify their community and overall characteristics so that I could discover the tone of the surrounding area.