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Get those ratings, get those savings

In a culture where reviews and savings are a key essential for commerce, UNO decided to craft an application that would combine both efforts.

Who’s down for some coffee? Better yet, let’s shoot a video while we are at it.

The challenge was to produce and edit a video for UNO that would quickly showcase how the application is used. The project was filmed locally in Sacramento, CA at Old Soul Cafe and took 3 days to design animation and produce video. I couldn’t have asked for a better crew to work with. Kudos to Old Soul for their delicious drink selection!

Setting the balance between creativity and savings

This particular application was very fun to design in the beginning stages of the wireframe due to the fact that the owners were still open to creative options. We went through a variety of concepts and ideas that led us down many strategic rabbit holes. The entire creative process was very enlightening  and opened many new design theories!

Visual Language.